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Mass transport imports

Occassionally your developers will want you to import a lot of transports back into your QA.

I remember when all transports had to be done via the operating system command line, which is where this tip comes in. Occassionally, after an upgrade or the implementation of support packages, your developers will want you to import a lot of transports back into your QA (or even your production) system.

A quick way doing this is as follows:
1) Import the list of transports into Excel, 1 transport per line.
2) In the next column, enter the following Excel Formula in the first cell: ="echo 'Importing "&A1&"';"&"tp addtobuffer "&A1&" SID;"&"tp import "&A1&" SID;"
3) Copy this cell down the second column as far as necessary, so you get an echo, addtobuffer and import command generated for each transport.
4) Once the command lines are generated, copy the second column, and use PASTE SPECIAL, VALUES to paste it to a third column.
5) Now you have a command line string for each transport. Copy this column into a file in /usr/sap/trans/bin on the system you're importing into, and execute the file.

Obviously, you can add any extra parameters, just by changing the formula you use in column 2. For Windows environments, don't create the echo command - just make sure you have echo set on in the command window. For UNIX environments, do leave the echo statement in, just in case there are problems - you'll want to tell your developers which transport was broken.

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