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Managing users and authorizations

System profile parameters for managing users and authorizations

Parameters directly affecting the user management functions are as

login/fails_to_session_end .  Indicates the number of times that a
user can enter an incorrect password before the system closes the 
logon window. The default value is 3, but you can set it to any value 
between 1 and 99.

login/fails_to_user_lock. This parameter sets the number of times a 
user can enter an incorrect password before the system automatically
locks the user out. If this happens, the user is automatically
unlocked at midnight. The default value is 12. Possible values are
from 1 to 99.

login/system_client. Sets the default system client. This client
is automatically filled in the client field of the logon screen, 
although users can overwrite it.

login/min_password_lng. Specifies the minimum password length. 
Default values is 3, but you can specify any value between 2 and 8.

login/password_expiration_time. Indicates in number of days the 
period of validity for passwords. When the expiration time arrives the
user is asked to enter a new password.

login/no_automatic_user_sap*  Disables special properties for user 
SAP* when this parameter is set to a value greater than 0.

rdisp/gui_auto_logout. Specifies the number of seconds a user session
can be idle before being automatically logged off by the system. 

auth/check_value_write_on. Enables the transaction for authorization
analysis SU53, when this parameter is set to a value greater than 0.

Note: To make the parameters globally effective in a SAP system, set 
them in the default profile DEFAULT.PFL. 
To make them instance-specific, you must set them in 
the profiles of each application server in your SAP system.

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