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Learning how to create a BDC program

For a BDC upload you need to write a program which created BDC sessions.

For a BDC upload you need to write a program which created BDC sessions.

1. Work out the transaction you would use to create the data manually.

2. Use transaction SHDB to record the creation of one material master data. Click the New recording button or the Menu - Recording - Create

3. Save the recording, and then go back a screen and go to the overview.

4. Select the recording and click on Edit - Create Program. Give the program a Z name, and select transfer from recording.

5. Edit the program. You will see that all the data you entered is hard-coded into the program. You need to make the following changes:

5.1 After the start-of-selection, Call ws_upload to upload the file (the excel file needs to be saved as TAB separated).

5.2 After the open-group, Loop on the uploaded data. For each line, perform validation checks on the data, then modify the perform bdc_field commands to use the file data.

5.3. After perform bdc_transaction, add the endloop. Execute the program. It will have options to create a batch session or to process directly.

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