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How to transport an SAP query in R/3 4.6x

Learn how to quickly transport an SAP query in this handy tip.

You must have an appropriate user group and an appropriate InfoSet in the target client in order to import a query. You also need the InfoSet to be assigned to the user group. Example:

1. SQ02 Environment > Transports (truck)

a) Click Export and Transport user group and the name of User group, then execute (you can click "Test run" to see the log before you execute).
Check the log.
This will generate a Transport of User group components to the table AQTDB.

b) Click Export and Transport InfoSets and queries and the name of Infoset and query, then execute.

c) Release the transports in SE09 (Transport organizer)

2. When transports are completed in QA environment:
SQ02 Environment > Transports

a) Click Import and enter the transport request in "Dataset with imports"

b) Do the same for each query transport.

Note: Click "Overwriting allowed" if you transport the same query many times

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