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How to send SAP reports in PDF format

Sending SAP reports in PDF format can be a valuable tool to learn. This tip from reader will show you how.

It is possible to send e-mails of any SAP report in PDF format. Follow these steps.

* Activate smtp and go to transaction sicf.
* Right click in SAPconnect and select activate SMTP host.
* Configure smtp and go to transaction scot.
* Double click in the SMTP node of INT.
* Select "node in use".
* In SMTP connection enter the smtp address of your company (i.e., and the mail port (usually 25).
* Click the SET Internet button and put * as the address (you can make some restrictions here, i.e., *
* Click OK.
* Select settings. The default is domain.
* Execute the RSPO0075 report in se38 trx and create the e-mail method "M".
* Create a new output device in the SPAD transaction and enter PDF1 as the device type and M as the access method. No e-mail is required.

Thats all. Then, when you want to send any report by e-mail in a PDF format, you should pull up the report to your screen. Then go to print, select the output device created before and enter the destination e-mail address. Don't forget to select "print out immediately."

You also need to be sure to have the RSCONN01 report scheduled to run periodicaly (i.e., every 15 minutes). This report is resposible to deliver the SAPconnect objects.
Note: This tip only works from WAS620.

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