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How to modify multiple items in the SAP menu

How do you add/remove/modify several items in the SAP menu for particular/all users?

How do you add/remove/modify several items in the SAP menu for particular/all users? Login to the development client;...

make sure that changes to repository or cross-client customizing are permitted. Use t-code SE43N and you will see the Area Menu Maintenance screen. The default area menu in SAP is S000, so if you want to change the items in SAP Menu, it is better that you copy the S000 menu, for example copy it to Y000 (Ctrl-F5). SAP screen will ask you which language the copy will be created, choose English; for the development class fill it with one of the default sap development class, exp. ZDEV; and click save. It will prompt you to make a transportable Workbench request. You have to create this because we will need to transport the new SAP menu to the destination client. Click "create request" (F8) and fill in the short description. It will create new request number. Click to continue. To modify your new SAP menu, please click the change area menu button (F6). In the Edit Area-menu you can select one of the node/sub-node and make your changes by clicking one of the buttons on the screen: Add entry as sub-node (Shift-F7), add entry at the same level (Shift-F8), change nodes (Shift-F9), .etc. After you have finished your changes, click the save button. Now that you have done the changes, the next thing is that you have to transport your area menu to the destination client (the client that you want to show the new SAP menu to your users). You can do this by using t-code SE10 to release your change request, and use t-code STMS to import your change request number that you have been released (as usual transport). To apply your new SAP menu to the user, all you have to do is login to the destination client. Use t-code SU01, fill in the username and then click the change button (Shift-F6). Click the default-tab and fill in your new SAP menu name in the start menu textbox. Click save. If you want to set your new SAP menu to several/all users at the same time, use t-code SU10 (user maintenance: mass changes).

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