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How to find owners and transports of deleted ABAP programs

Deleted ABAP programs cause short dumps, and this tip explains how to find the owners and transports of those programs

If an ABAP program is deleted, it causes a short dump. Examples are: Deleted inculde, Deleted program for print output. So how do you find out who did it? In a short dump, you will find the name of the missing program. Then you go to table E071 via DataBrowser(SE16) and put the program name in field Object Name(OBJ_NAME). So now we have a list of all transports containing the given program. In order to find the owner and short text of the transport, we could use standard way of checking transports one by one, but there is also a faster path. Go to table E070 and put all transports in Request/Task field. So now we know the owner and the transport of that deleted program.

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