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How to change the development class for a customer screen

Need to change the development class for a customer screen in order to transport that screen in SAP? This user-submitted tips offers a step-by-step guide.

While working on an SAP enhancement project, my team created a customer screen where the development class was accidentally assigned to "$TMP." This meant we were unable to transport that screen.

We figured out a way to change the development class. If you have a similar problem and would like to use our workaround, follow these steps.
1. Call Transaction SE03: "Workbench Organizer: Tools."
2. Expand node: "Object directory."
3. Choose "Change object directory entries of objects."
4. Enter key fields R3TR FUGX and select line.
5. Enter (for example): XM02 as contents of the key field.
6. Start the selection.
7. Position your cursor on the selected entry: FUGX XM02.
8. Choose function: "Change object catalog entry."
9. Change and save the development class.

Thats it! Good luck.

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