How to acquire the runtime information of a data transfer process (DTP)

This article will show how you can access the runtime information of a 'Data Transfer Process' and what data is available.


This article will show how you can access the runtime information of a 'Data Transfer Process' and which data is available. The runtime information of a 'Data Transfer Process' (DTP) is available in the 'Start, End and Rule' routine. For example, this information could be used to determine the target of the DTP to implement logical partitioned InfoCubes or datastore objects. This function is available with SAP NetWeaver BI SP10.

Please refer to OSS note #979607 for further information.

Available fields and corresponding data types: 

Description Technical name Data type
Technical name of the DTP / DTP ID: R_DTP RSBKDTPNM
Text/Description of the DTP R_DTPTEXT RSBKDTPTEXT
Lines read from the source R_LINES_READ SYTABIX
Lines transferred from the source R_LINES_TRANSFERRED SYTABIX
Request ID (length 30) R_REQUID30 RSREQUID
DTP Selections for Source R_TH_RANGE RSBK_TH_RANGE
DTP State 0   New 1    Executable 2    Processed Successfully 3    Processed with Errors 4    Deleted 5    Active 6    Processed, with Warnings 7    Further Processing Started 8    Processed Further 9    Deletion Started A    Further Processing Terminated R_TSTATE RSBKTSTATE
Time Stamp END of the DTP / is usually empty R_TSTMP_FINISH RSTIMESTMP
Time Stamp Start of the DTP / UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) R_TSTMP_START RSTIMESTMP
User name executed the DTP R_UNAME SYUNAME

Update mode

(F)   Full (D)   Delta (I)   Initial Non-Cumulative       for Non-Cumulative Values


User-Defined Processing Status for a DTP Request

See "State" / RTSTATE for state types

Source object (eg. Data Source name) R_SRC RSBKSRCNM
Source type (eg. DTASRC for DataSource) R_SRCTP RSBKSRCTP
Target type (eg. cube for InfoCube) R_TGTTP RSBKTGTTP
Logical Source System name R_LOGSYS RSSLOGSYS
Data Source from the Source System R_DATASOURCE RSOLTPSOURCER
DataSource segments R_T_PSA RSDS_T_RSDSSEG
New or old DataSource is used I_USE_NEW_DS RS_BOOL


A simple implementation example:



* Target InfoProvider    I_TGT type RSBKTGTNM.


* get target     CALL METHOD P_R_REQUEST->get_TGT        RECEIVING           R_TGT = I_TGT.


The above fields are available during the runtime of the DTP (transformation). In this example the result would be "SALES13".

Michael Hoerisch is a member of the SAP NetWeaver Regional Implementation Group (RIG) since 2001, with a focus on Enterprise Data Warehousing and customer solutions.

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