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Hide and password-protect any ABAP's source

This program hides any ABAP's source code and protects it with a password.

Hide and password-protect any ABAP's source
By Imre Kabai

This tip is published with the permission of Imre Kabai.

This program hides any ABAP's source code and protects it with a password. One can still run the ABAP (the load version is intact) but it can not be displayed, edited, traced, transported or generated. If the ABAP is not hidden, the program hides it. If it is hidden, it unhides it. The password is hard-coded in a source code, so the first candidate to be hidden should be ZHIDE itself.

PROGRAM ZHIDE NO STANDARD PAGE HEADING. SELECTION-SCREEN BEGIN OF BLOCK BLOCK. SELECTION-SCREEN BEGIN OF LINE. SELECTION-SCREEN COMMENT 1(8) PWD. SELECTION-SCREEN POSITION 35. PARAMETERS: PASSWORD(8) MODIF ID AAA. SELECTION-SCREEN END OF LINE. PARAMETERS: PROGRAM(8). SELECTION-SCREEN END OF BLOCK BLOCK. * AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT. LOOP AT SCREEN. IF SCREEN-GROUP1 = 'AAA'. SCREEN-INVISIBLE = '1'. MODIFY SCREEN. ENDIF. ENDLOOP. * INITIALIZATION. PWD = 'PASSWORD'. * START-OF-SELECTION. TABLES: TRDIR. * User name and passsword check IF SY-UNAME <> 'IMRE' OR PASSWORD <> 'TITOK'. WRITE: / 'Wrong password'. EXIT. ENDIF. * SAP owned? IF NOT PROGRAM CP 'Z*' AND NOT PROGRAM CP 'Y*'. WRITE: / 'Do not hide original SAP programs!'. EXIT. ENDIF. * Exists? SELECT SINGLE * FROM TRDIR WHERE NAME = PROGRAM. IF SY-SUBRC <> 0. WRITE: / 'Program does not exists!'. EXIT. ENDIF. * Does it have a current generated version? DATA: F1 TYPE D, F3 TYPE D. DATA: F2 TYPE T, F4 TYPE T. EXEC SQL. SELECT UDAT, UTIME, SDAT, STIME INTO :F1, :F2, :F3, :F4 FROM D010LINF WHERE PROG = :PROGRAM ENDEXEC. IF F1 < F3 OR ( F1 = F3 AND F2 < F4 ). WRITE: / 'The program has no recent generated version!'. EXIT. ENDIF. * Compose a new program name DATA: NEW_NAME(8), I TYPE I, J TYPE I. NEW_NAME = PROGRAM. DO 8 TIMES. I = SY-INDEX - 1. NEW_NAME+I(1) = '_'. * Search for acceptable program name variations J = 0. SELECT * FROM TRDIR WHERE NAME LIKE NEW_NAME. J = J + 1. ENDSELECT. IF J = 1. EXIT. ENDIF. NEW_NAME = PROGRAM. ENDDO. * Can not generate appropriate program name IF J > 1. WRITE: / 'Can not generate appropriate program name'. EXIT. ENDIF. * Check if it is already in d010s (already hidden) DATA: F5(8). EXEC SQL. SELECT PROG INTO :F5 FROM D010S WHERE PROG = :NEW_NAME ENDEXEC. IF F5 IS INITIAL. * There is no such hidden program, hide it EXEC SQL. UPDATE D010S SET PROG = :NEW_NAME WHERE PROG = :PROGRAM ENDEXEC. ELSE. * There is already a hidden program there, unhide it EXEC SQL. UPDATE D010S SET PROG = :PROGRAM WHERE PROG = :NEW_NAME ENDEXEC. ENDIF.

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