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Handy summary of SAP/Custom developed programs

This tip shows you how to find the tables, function modules, views & structures used by SAP in a particular transaction.

Finding the tables, function modules, views & structures used by SAP
in a particular transaction are very vital for an ABAP/BAPI developer.
There are different ways of finding this information. Below is the best
& easiest way I have experienced. Apart from the information mentioned 
above there is also other information which could come quite handy.

I bet you would be amazed to see the information you get. 

Goto Transaction "SE38" and key in the program name for which you
want to see the underlying tables, function modules, view & structures.

Press "SHIFT+F4". 'Environment Analysis' pop-up-window opens.

Check the required information and press "ENTER" 
(By default all the check boxes are checked). 
If you think it would take longer time to execute this 
process in foregroud, you have the option to executed in 
background and this option is seen on the pop-up-window.
This was last published in July 2001

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