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Go-Live check

Confused about the various checkpoints before and after a Go-Live? This handy tip walks you through the typical process so you know what to expect.

First, we need to open a message in component XX-SER-TCC to find out if your installation is scheduled for a Go-Live check which is conducted by SAP and its partners.

Go-Live Functional Upgrade Analysis -- ideally six months before Go-Live. This basically checks your hardware requirements. It will ascertain that you'll be able to accommodate the increase in the functionalities caused by the Go-Live, also some parameter recommendations to fine-tune your system.

Go-Live Functional Upgrade Verification -- This is normally done two months after the Go-Live which checks that everything is fine after the upgrade.

Then you have the normal Earlywatch session. Each installation is entitled for 2 free earlywatch sessions in a year. In these sessions, performance tuning is done for your system, while hardware, memory and I/0 bottlenecks are identified.

Reports of all these sessions carried out by SAP is then sent to you in form a Word document and you can follow the guidelines mentioned and call up SAP or mail the person who has done the session for you for any clarifications.

SAP will contact you to open the connections for them, so that they can prepare the system before the actual session takes place. In the session, they will see if the SDCC version is good enough so that they can download the data from your system into their internal system on which they carry out the analysis. Then they see if SAPOSCOL is running and enough history data is there in ST03n for them to carry out reasonable analysis. If everything is set, a download is scheduled on your system using SDCC for a day prior to the actual session. Finally, on the day of the session you open the connections for them again and provide them with userid and password. Normally, it is earlywatch in 066 client.

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