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Getting started with Java

Resources for the Java beginner.

In November last year, SAP made the big announcement that Java is officially part of the SAP family. Going forward, SAP products will work directly with Java as with ABAP. As a result, SAP developers can now choose freely which of the two languages they prefer. If you're curious about Java technology, you will like this tip. Here is a collection of all the key terms you need to know, Java programming basics, and a vast selection of online Java resources.

If you have any object-oriented programming experience, learning Java should be a breeze. Some call it a simplified version of C++, although it offers some important strengths over the language, including portability and the ability to run programs via the Web.

Terms to Know

Before you get started, take the time to develop a good Java vocabulary. Click on any of the following terms for a definition.

Java Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Ed. (J2EE)
JAR file J/Direct
Java chip Java Database Connectivity
Java Foundation Classes (JFC) Java Message Service
Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) Java Server Page (JSP)
JavaBeans JHTML
JRun applet
class servelet
virtual machine object-oriented programming

The Basics

First, and foremost, every Java beginner will need to get the Java 2 Platform, which includes the SDK, tools, runtimes, and APIs. This can be downloaded for free from Sun's Java Technology products Web site. The site also includes documentation and installation instructions for the Java 2 Platform.

Java developers can also look into a graphical development environment, which can be an easier option for developers who prefer not to work with a command prompt. There are several products on the market in this area, including Borland's JBuilder and Microsoft's Visual J++.


Now that you're ready to start programming, here are some tutorials and resources to help you get started:

Sun's Java site. Sun was where it all started, and this site contains the company's offerings to the Java community. Programmers can download Java products, read documentation and background material, keep skills up-to-date, and network with others through the community discussion pages.

IBM developerWorks: Java technology. IBM offers its selection of Java programming resources here, including Robocode, a robot battle simulation engine designed to help you learn Java. The site also includes loads of technical articles and code downloads.

WDVL: Java Tutorials. From the popular Web Developers' Virtual Library, these articles cover everything from how to compile your first applet to combing Java with XML.

A Simple Style Guide for Beginning Java Programmers. Style is always important. Following the principles outlined here will help you keep your code looking as professional and perfect as possible.

Java Coffee Break. If you're trying to learn Java in just a few minutes every day, this site offers brief articles on Java topics, ranging from beginning to advanced. In other words, perfect reading for your coffee break!

Java World. Nearly everything you could possibly need to know about Java is represented somewhere on this site. It contains an index of Java tips, product news, topical advice articles, and much more.

More Information

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