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Formatting currency in SAPscript

Wondering how to format currency in SAPscript? A user describes the development process and provides sample code to help you accomplish this.

Currency formatting is easy in reports, with the "currency" option in the statement.

But in SAPscript, when no currency reference is set for an amount field, default formatting of two decimal places will occur. This may sometimes be unacceptable -- especially with exceptional currencies like 'JPY', 'KRW', 'LUF', 'TND,' etc. The default formatting affects not only the number of decimal places, but also the position of decimal point, which results in wrong amounts being displayed on the output.

This can be prevented by setting the correct currency reference, using database structures that have amount fields with currency references. The amount has to be populated in a structure's amount field and proper currency key in the currency reference field and then using the structure's amount field in the layout set rather than using a global variable of type P.

(e.g. Use of KOMK-FKWRT for populating the amount and KOMK-WAERK for holding the corresponding currency key. This will use the currency reference relation defined in the structure KOMK.)

NOTE: This formatting works similarly even for the global variables defined with like reference to structure's amount field when the amount field's currency reference field is populated with the required currency key.

Driver Program
* Data Declaration

* Code: KOMK- FKWRT = 234.50. NET_AMOUNT = 987.65. KOMK-WAERK = 'JPY'
Layout &KOMVD-KERT& => The output will be 23450 &NET_AMOUNT& => The output will be 98765
&KOMVD-KERT& would have been printed as 234.50 if the currency key (KOMK-WAERK) were USD and as 23.450 if the currency key (KOMK-WAERK) were TND.

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