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Finding underlying transaction data

Another wayto find underlying transaction data

- Session1: Start transaction st05 (performance trace).  
Ensure that the SQL Trace checkbox is set.

- Session2: Start the transaction for which you need to determine
the location of the underlying data.

- Switch the trace on (click "Trace on" button) in Session1.
Note: If you know roughly when the relevant structure in the transaction 
is filled, you can delay this step until just prior to the structure 
being filled (this makes pin-pointing the data source easier)

- Proceed with the transaction in Session2.  When you have reached the
screen which contains the data for which you are looking, you can switch
the trace off in Session1.

- Click "Trace List" in Session1 and display the SQL trace 
(the default settings in the selection screen are usually correct).
All tables that have been read between switching the trace on and switching
the trace off will be listed in the trace list in column "Object Name".  
This together with the data in the "Statement" column will help pin-point
the data source with relative ease.

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