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Finding lost SAP* and DDIC passwords

Here is how to find lost SAP* and DDIC passwords.

Here is how to find lost SAP* and DDIC passwords: 1.) Logon as DB admin (on oracle: ora, for informix: informix)...

2.) Run the SQL program of your database (on oracle: sqlplus, for informix: dbaccess) 3.) IMPORTANT: Make a current snapshot of the table. Do an export on table USR02 (Oracle: use the command exp, Informix: use dbexport) ... Alternative: Create a table copy of USR02 This will be used if anything goes wrong. 4.) Now do a SELECT command on table USR02. The idea is to check if SAP* is present in the client you want. (Command: SELECT * FROM USR02 WHERE MANDT='XXX' and BNAME='SAP*' ... MANDT here is the client) ... this is an optional step ... 5.) The next step is to make a copy of the SAP* table record (to be used on step #9). For Oracle, create a temporary table with USR02 structure and insert the value SAP* from the client that you want. For Informix, you may just copy the exported USR02 data and edit it using vi to delete other records other than SAP* .. or use the same steps as in Oracle. 6.) Delete the record SAP* ON THE REQUIRED CLIENT ONLY on table USR02. (Command: delete from USR02 where MANDT='XXX' and BNAME='SAP*'). Commit the changes, if needed. 7.) Now logon to SAP. Use the ID SAP* and password PASS (or 06071992). You can now edit the password for the DDIC user ID. You have to create a user ID or give authorization to DDIC (if needed) to access transaction SU01.

Delete from USR02 where MANDT='XXX' and BNAME='SAP*';

This was last published in May 2002

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