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Finding data in SAP

Finding data in SAP

This tip is excerpted from Matt Wong's SAP Basis site.

When learning to program in SAP with ABAP/4, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right tables and fields to work with (don't worry, it gets pretty easy). But initially it's tough, and it may continue to be when you're trying something you've never done before. Here are some tips to help locate data:

Go to an SAP report or program that does something similar to what you want to do, and:

  • Click on the screen fields, and use F1->Technical Info to find the field & table names.
  • Trace the program with ST05 (SQL Trace) and ST01 (System Trace).
  • Follow the program with the debugger (enter /h in the command line).
  • Use the Table Contents utility to verify that the tables have the data that you think they have (SE80 -> Dictionary Objects (press Edit), enter the name of the table you want to see, and press Display. Go To Utilities -> Table Contents).
  • Look for a logical database that sounds like what you're looking for. Analyze its structure and program to understand how its data is processed, and where the data is being kept.

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