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Find where in the config. a table is updated

This tip will show you how to find where in the config. a table is updated.

There are times when supporting a R/3 system that the consultants have passed on a support issue to the ABAP team only for the ABAP team member to find out that the reason for the problem is due to a missing table entry in config. The ABAP developer knows the name of the table but not its position in the config. This tip allows the developer to find its exact location in the configuration.(Instructions as per 4.6B).

 1) Go to transaction SM30 and enter the table's name

2)Select the 'Customizing' button.

3)A modal dialog box will appear asking for a customizing project. Either select one form the list or choose the 'Skip' button instead.

4)The next screen produces a list of IMG activities that update the table. Select one and push the 'Choose' button.

5)You will now have access to the IMG menu option.

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