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Enhance your SAP career at TechEd

SAP's TechEd conference will take place on November 6 - 9 in Los Angeles. How will attending enhance your career?

This year, SAP's TechEd conference will take place on November 6 - 9 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. So why should you head for the city of angels--besides the sunshine and celebrities? Here's how attending TechEd will enhance your SAP career.

Marketing shows are nice, but they don't provide the very latest information to give you an employment edge. At TechEd, on the other hand, "The content is provided by development groups and consultants," says content/agenda manager Keith Elliott. "Because of that, there's a ton of information there about what's happening in SAP development that's not happening anywhere else. It's a place where SAP America goes to find out what's going on." The quantity of information at the show is enough to boggle any SAP consultant's mind. There will be approximately 325 sessions in four days.

The very latest information won't be much help to you, career-wise, if you're working on an older system. That's why TechEd also has a track that relates to system management and performance optimization of SAP's installed systems. Primary contributors to these sessions are not developers, but rather SAP's platinum consultants. "These are the most experienced SAP consultants, who have experience with real operational systems," says Elliott. "Over the years they've collected a huge number of tips on how to optimize performance and get things working."

Another key benefit of attending Tech-Ed is the chance to build career opportunities through networking. "We have a huge partner exhibit, where you can talk to our technology partners, and you can meet with our consultancy organization one-on-one," says Elliott. "There are also a lot of ways to network with SAP people."

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