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Enhance Your Career at Sapphire

SAP's Sapphire conference will take place on June 12-15 in Orlando,Florida. Here's how attending might enhance your career.

This year, SAP's Sapphire conference will take place on June 12 - 15 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. So why should you pack a bag and head for the sunshine state? Here are four ways attending Sapphire will help enhance your SAP career.

1. You'll gain key knowledge at the keynote address presented by the co-CEO and co-Chairman of SAP. "That keynote address is focused on our strategy, where we're going, and our view of the marketplace," says Bonnie Rothenstein, manager of PR at SAP America. "Attending that alone can give any person who works with SAP products key understandings of our strategies."

2. Sharpening your SAP skills will make you a more valuable addition to any company. Sapphire will offer more than 200 presentations and product demonstrations with customers, partners, e-business experts, and industry analysts. Also included will be briefings on customer relationship management, supply chain management, enterprise portals, private exchanges, and product lifecycle management--solutions that are part of the mySAP e-business platform.

3. Networking works. SAP doesn't promote Sapphire as a networking event, but no matter what your main objective is in attending, you'll also have the chance to make important contacts. "We have heavy customer attendance at this show, as well as all our partner organizations," says Rothenstein. "And when you see, say, a CIO walking on the show floor, there's nothing to stop you from walking up and introducing yourself"

4. If you want to keep putting out your best work, every once in a while you need to recharge your batteries with a little fun. Well, Sapphire has just the thing for you: a concert by Aerosmith. Every attendee will receive a ticket to this rockin' show.

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