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Echo Mode

"Echo Mode" gives you the opportunity to show your SAP dynpros on the screen of another user.

Do you know about "Echo Mode?" It gives you the opportunity to show your SAP dynpros on the screen of another user....

It's very useful to show something to a user on another site.

Until 4.0, Echo Mode was an option in the menu bar of transaction SM04. Select the user you want, then select the option "Activate Echo Mode." From this moment, the selected user will see every dynpro you're working on until you deactivate the Echo Mode (in SM04).

From 4.0 on, the option is not available anymore in the menu bar. You have to do the following:

Go in transaction SM04.

Write SLON, and select the user (one click) and then hit "Enter."
-> Your user is now in Echo Mode.
To deactivate it, do the same with SLOF instead of SLON.
-> Your Echo Mode is off again.

I hope it will help you solve some problems.
Have a nice day,

This was last published in June 2002

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