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Download/display your internal tables

The following code breaks and displays your internal table.

The following code breaks and displays your internal table. You can save it to a local file, print it etc. The...

SAP standard ABAP Keyword Documentation explains it like this: ********** Displays the internal table itab in an editor similiar to the ABAP Editor. You can then use normal editor functions to make changes. Changes to the table contents are only adopted if you save before leaving the editor. The return code is set as follows: SY-SUBRC = 0: Changes were made during the session. These have been saved. SY-SUBRC = 2: No changes were made during the session. The table was saved anyway. SY-SUBRC = 4: The table was not saved. The internal table itab must have the table type STANDARD TABLE, and can contain only type C components. The lines of the internal table can be up to 72 characters long. ************ In other words, all you do in the ABAP program/function is to type 'EDITOR-CALL FOR' followed by the table name in the program that you would like to evaluate. This brings up the first 72 characters in the table with all the records. You can view the data, validate, edit etc. It's just a nicer way to view the contents of the table. Unfortunately you're limited to 72 characters. That's the only drawback, but maybe SAP will extend this in the next version.

This was last published in June 2002

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