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Determining ROI for portals

Find out how initial and ongoing costs affect ROI when launching a corporate portal.

Calculating the ROI and TCO for a corporate portal is not a small undertaking, but given the costs that are typical for a portal, this is increasingly a must-do for many companies. Starting with the cost-side of the equation, there are two general costs you will experience:

-Initial costs, which are all of the costs required to get your portal up and running. The initial costs will depend upon the number of people the portal needs to support, and the complexity of deployment.
-Ongoing costs, which are those costs that happen year in year out, such as staffing costs

The 10 things that will drive your complexity are:

Amount of collaboration
Degree of LDAP integration
Content management presence
Type of integration
Level of personalization
Device support
User interface

Your needs for each of these items will really drive your initial costs. Your ongoing costs will be more driven by the number of users, since this is highly influential in dictating the number of servers required, which in turn drives your IT staffing needs.

This was last published in March 2003

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