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Deleting unnecessary work items

The inboxes of users are often full of work items which are no longer required. Here is a tip for deleting items.

The inboxes of users are often full of work items which are no longer required. In the productive phase, finished work items should be deleted or archived after a specific length of time in the system.

Besides archiving work items, SAP has provided two reports to delete unnecessary work items. Since the work items in the user inboxes aren't private copies unlike mail, but are only references to a single work item, it isn't possible to delete the inbox of only one user.

Work items can only ever be deleted as such, that is, from the inboxes of all users. Reports RSWWWIDE and RSWWHIDE are available for this. Both reports are purely administration tools. They delete all selected work items directly without further warning messages or authorization checks in the database.

RSWWWIDE deletes the work item as such (including its attachments and all dependent work items); RSWWHIDE deletes the work item history. RSWWWIDE can also delete work items which aren't in a final status or that are part of a higher-level workflow.

This was last published in May 2002

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