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Debugging a background job

How to debug background jobs? Here's how!

How to debug background jobs? In SM37: Select the job, type JDBG in the OK-code and press enter. This can be used...

for both completed jobs and jobs to be processed (just make sure you have enough time to debug before the job actually starts). Breakpoints set in the job flow works. This method has been successfully used in R/3 4.6C.  

This was last published in October 2003

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I have a report which will create background jobs and which will run only for few seconds say 2-3secs. I am not able to cancel the job as it gets finished very quick. So i need to debug the same using "bgdb". Once job is finished few details like Variants are getting deleted so i can't debug & it breaks in the middle.

So is there any way where I can fail/cancel the job which run very quickly.

Your help would be really greatfull.