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Debug screen timeout

This is a helpful tip for changing the hold time parameters of your workprocessor in debug mode. It is also applicable for multiple users who are debugging at the same time.

You have most likely noticed that whenever a session is left in debug mode for approximately ten minutes, the control returns to the "Easy Access Menu" with a message: "Transaction from DEBUG mode (after timeout) reset".

Since debugger holds a work processor permanently, it is not advisable to hold a work processor idle for more than ten minutes. Also if there are ten work processors, it is not advisable to allow ten people to hold ten work processors for debugging.

Following are the parameters that control the maximum holdtime of the workprocessor in debug mode:

rdisp/max_debug_lazy_time and rdisp/max_priv_time

Also, to stop ten people from debugging, use the parameter rdisp/wppriv_max_no. All the above parameters can be set by using the transactions RZ10/RZ11.

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