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Data Generation for SAP Demo Tables

Re-creation of Sample data for SAP tutorials through Program : RSBCDAT3

Re-creation of Sample data for SAP tutorials through Program : RSBCDAT3

SAP has few useful tables with Sample data, which are extensively used in
all the Tutorials of SAP. These tables are even used by books written 
by different author. 

The names of these tables are as follows: 
1. scarr       "Airline
2. spfli       "Flight schedule
3. sflight     "Flight demo table
4. saplane     "Airplane technical data
5. sgeocity    "Geog. position of a city
6. sairport    "Airports
7. scustom     "Customer table
8. sbook       "Flight booking

Over a period of time records gets changed / deleted / added in these 
tables, which leads to cumbersome process of re-creating the data again.

SAP provides a program to re-generate sample data for these tutorial 
tables through a program named RSBCDAT3. The program also lets you specify
the volume of data to be re-created. This program can be excuted from the 
ABAP editor.
This was last published in December 2001

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