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Customizing the SAP text

Here are some simple steps to follow if you want to customize the SAP text in your computer.

SAP allows users to customize the text any way they want to. For example, here are the steps to take if you want to change the label "logon" in the client selection screen:

  • Go to --> C: Program FilesSAPFrontEndSAPguiLang
  • Then edit the file logonen (this is logon information for English). Each language has its own file.
  • In this file, whatever you want to change, change the text and save it with the same name.
  • Change the name of logonen into a different name.
  • Change the modified file name into logonen.
  • Click the SAP logon icon. You will find the text that you have changed.

Using the same steps you can change any file in the directory. According to the file, your changed text will appear on your screen. You can also change the "Shutdown SAP" option into another text.

Close SAP logon to close your SAP logon.

You can customize your text information in everything in this directory. And the changes you make will only be changed in your computer.

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