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Custom requirement BAPIs in the Data Transfer Workbench

How do you add custom requirement BAPIs into the Data Transfer Workbench? Here's a step-by-step walkthrough.

Customer Requirement: The customer has created a sub-type as YBUS2032 for Sales Order Business Object and added...

a new method to create a Sales Order with a custom requirement BAPI (ZBAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2) under custom method. Now the customer wants to add this custom method into Data Transfer Workbench. How do you make it happen?

Step 1.
Call Transaction SE38 
Create a Custom Program ZSXDA
Declare the following statement

Step 2.
Call Transaction BDBR, 
Go to Menu Registration a Create (F5), 
Brings a Pop-up 
Enter Object Type (customized sub-type say YBUS2032), 
Task Type LOA 
Program Type BAPI
Brings another Pop-up
Select the required method (Custom Method)
Enter a custom Program like ZSXDA
Save and come out from this Transaction.

Step 3.
Call Transaction SXDA 
Step 3.1
Go to Menu Project a Create (F5)
Brings Pop-up
Enter  Name of the Project (SO Create)
Description of the Project (Creation of Sales Order)
Step 3.2
Keep Cursor on the SO Create Project
Go to Menu Edit a Sub Project a Create (F5)
Brings Pop-Up
Enter Name of the Sub Project (SO Create)
Description of the Sub Project (Creation of Sales Order)
Business Object YBUS2032
Step 3.3
Keep Cursor on the SO Create Sub Project
Go to Menu Edit a Run Definition a Create (F5)
Brings Pop-Up
Enter  Name of the Run Definition (SO Run Def.)
Description of the Run Def. (SO Run Definition)
Step 3.3
Keep Cursor on the SO Run Def.
Go to Menu Edit a Task a Create (F5)
Brings Pop-Up
Enter Name of the Task (Create SO)
Description of Task
Task Type LOA
Program Type BAPI
Brings another Pop-Up  
Method Enter name of the Method (From YBUS2032)
Packet Size (Mostly 1)
Errors (Leave it as Blank)
Input File (P - Physical file)
Name Path with Name of the Legacy/ input File
Delete File (Select if you need to delete once the file read by SAP)
Select Save IDOC in R/3 (If you want to Create Error IDOC)
Step 4.   
Call Transaction SE38
Enter Program 'RDXRUNSTART'
Execute (F8)
Drop Down (F4) for the details, which list you all Project, Sub Project and Run definition defined in SXDA. 
Select Your Project (Defined in Step 3) and save that as VARIANT (SO CREATE).

Step 5.
Call Transaction SM36
Create a Job with the 
a) Step of ABAP Program (RDXRUNSTART with Variant SO Create)
b) Define Start Condition (Periodic or Start Immediately)

Now you are all set to make a Periodic Run of the Custom method in  (Sub-type of YBUS2032) Data Transfer Work Bench (SXDA).

This was last published in August 2002

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