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Creating Purchase Order through BAPI using VB

The following code gives the code for creating Purchase Order in the SAP using BAPI_PO_CREATE RFC Function from Visual Basic.

The following code gives the code for creating Purchase Order in the SAP using BAPI_PO_CREATE RFC Function from...

Visual Basic. This code will give you the correct picture of how can you create a purchase order with one item. You can use a table control to add more items. The code was written in v.4.6.

Option Explicit
Dim functionCtrl As Object
Dim sapConnection As Object
Dim theFunc As Object
Dim PoNumber

Private Sub Command1_Click()

Set functionCtrl = CreateObject("SAP.Functions")
Set sapConnection = functionCtrl.Connection
sapConnection.Client = "500"
sapConnection.user = "USERNAME"
sapConnection.password = "PASSWORD"
sapConnection.Language = "EN"
If sapConnection.logon(0, False) <> True Then
    MsgBox "No connection to R/3 System"
    Exit Sub                                           'End program
End If
Set theFunc = functionCtrl.Add("BAPI_PO_CREATE")

Dim poheader As Object
Dim poitems As Object
Dim poitemschedule As Object
Dim retMess As Object
Dim returnFunc As Boolean
Dim startzeil As Integer
Dim endcol As Integer
Dim the_name As String

Set poheader = theFunc.exports.Item("PO_HEADER")
Set poitems = theFunc.tables.Item("PO_ITEMS")
Set poitemschedule = theFunc.tables.Item("PO_ITEM_SCHEDULES")

poheader.Value("VENDOR") = Text1.Text 
poheader.Value("PURCH_ORG") = Text2.Text 
poheader.Value("PUR_GROUP") = Text3.Text 
poheader.Value("DOC_TYPE") = Text4.Text  

poitems.Value(1, "PUR_MAT") = Text5.Text 
poitems.Value(1, "PLANT") = Text6.Text 
poitems.Value(1, "NET_PRICE") = Text7.Text  

poitemschedule.Value(1, "DELIV_DATE") = Text8.Text 
poitemschedule.Value(1, "QUANTITY") = Text9.Text  

returnFunc =
PoNumber = theFunc.imports("PURCHASEORDER")
Set retMess = theFunc.tables.Item("RETURN")
If retMess Is Nothing Then
MsgBox retMess.Value(1, "MESSAGE")
MsgBox "Purchase Order No : " & PoNumber & "Created"
End If

End Sub

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