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Cheque print - No voided cheque

Using standard Sapscripts for cheque print do produce a remittance advice from payables.

Using standard Sapscripts for cheque print do produce a remittance advice
from payables which include a cheque at the bottom of the page.
If the number of invoices is such that the detail on the remittance
advice would overflow onto the cheque, then the cheque is printed
as normal but the invoice details for that supplier are diverted to
a seperate tray (or separate device)where blank papers are used. 
The cheque is then subsequently matched manually with the seperately
printed remittance.

Here are the steps to achieve that:

* Make sure all Tray names used are defined with the correct print
  control in SPAD for the printer.

* SE71 - on page layout, designate a tray name (example: TRY04) in the
  Resource name to all pages in the check print Sapscript. 
  (All cheque stocks will be pulled from tray 4). Do the same to
  the Remittance Sapscript using perhaps TRY03 ( blank papers will
  be pulled for invoice details) 

* Payment Program Configuration - For more infomation on configuring
  the payment program, refer to the Implementation Guide. 
  Choose Payment method -> In company code, highlight the payment method
  defined for the company (usually check - prenum/unnum overflow) and click  
  detail. Click 'pyt adv.ctrl', on this screen, check 'Restricted to' and
  type 21 in the Row box. Check Pymtadv.after...lines. 
  (only 21 lines on the payment medium where note to payee information
  can be stored. In the event that more lines ar required, a payment advice  
  note is displayed on the payment medium and a separate payment advice note
  is printed, in this case, on blank paper drawn from tray 3.

Good luck! 

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