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Changing the deadline attributes of a work item

This tip provides the function module for changing the attributes of the deadline monitoring for a particular work item.

The function module SWW_WI_DEADLINES_CHANGE changes the attributes of the deadline monitoring for a particular...

work item. The important attributes for this function module are work item ID (WI_ID) and the table DEADLINE_ATTRIBUTES. In the table, we pass the deadline data that needs to be changed. The following conditions apply when the attributes are changed:

A deadline is cancelled if:

  • The action attribute had the value SPACE
  • The date attribute has the value '00000000'
  • The time attribute has the value '000000'

The escalation time is only changed if it has a value other than 0. But the escalation time is only evaluated for the latest end (currently not at all).

Since the default value for the time (00:00:00) is also a valid time value, this time cannot be set. (00:00:01) must be entered.

This was last published in September 2004

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