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Change your SAP menus

You've probably always wanted to modify the SAP menus ... Here's how!

You've probably always wanted to modify the SAP menus (add images, boutons, ...)

Before to start: It works on 4.0B. I am not sure about the others releases but it should... For more information, go to: (the author!)

Here is the way:
You have to use SAPGUIXT
1/ Create a directory C:SAPpcGuiXT
2/ Create file "menus000.f0040.txt" to modify the first SAP menu (look at the text to write below)
3/ You'll have to modify the path for images, system name, ...
4/ Create file "guixt.ini" in C:SAPpcSapGui with the text below
5/ Activate the SAPguiXT in your SAP screen options

Next time you execute SAP, you should have your beautiful screen. Of course you can modify all the menus you want. You have to create as many files for that.

I hope its clear enough and you'll have fun. And remember, for any other questions, go to:

Have a nice day!!!

FILE "menus000.f0040.txt"

Title "Bienvenue sur SAP R/3  :-)" 
pushbutton (toolbar) "SE38" "/NSE38"
pushbutton (toolbar) "SE11" "/NSE11"
pushbutton (toolbar) "SE16" "/NSE16"
box (0,0) (10,30) "Administration"
if Q[Database=DF0]
pushbutton (1,05) "STMS-Transports" "/NSTMS"
pushbutton (2,05) "SE10-Gestion OT" "/NSE10"
pushbutton (3,05) "ST02-Tune Summary" "/NST02"
pushbutton (4,05) "ST03-Performances" "/NST03"
pushbutton (5,05) "ST04-DB Performances" "/NST04"
pushbutton (6,05) "SM21-Erreurs" "/NSM21"
pushbutton (7,05) "SM49-Cmdes Externes" "/NSM49"
box (11,00) (17,30) "Utilisateurs"
image (12.5,01) (14.8,10) "c:ImagesSM04.jpg" "Input=OK:SM04"
pushbutton (13,11) "SUIM-Autorisation" "/NSUIM"
pushbutton (14,11) "SU01-Utilisateurs" "/NSU01"
image (0,32) (40,170) "c:Imagesfond.jpg"

File "guixt.ini" 

IgnoreRegistry Yes // read Guixt.ini
StartHidden No     
StartMinimized Yes 

Component GuiXT
// Component InputAssistant
// Component Viewer
// Component Designer

// Scriptes

Directory1 c:SAPpcGuiXT

// Trace

Trace No

// type icone "tip"

Icon_Tip_Field OL
Icon_Tip_Box   35

// Cache

Replication Yes

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