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Basis migration

This tip is a discussion thread from SearchSAP's new SAP FAQ lists. This thread discusses Basis migration with Oracle 806.


I just installed Oracle 806 on my new server trying to do homogeneous copy from another server. On the old server there was 80631/NT4. The new server has a W2K server. I put 806, and I will upgrade it to 80631 so I can export/import base. After I import the base, I will upgrade it to Oracle 9.

1. Did I take the correct steps?
2. Where and how do I download a supplement for Oracle 806 which will upgrade it to 80631?

Reply 1:

I think you just copy the data file from NT4 to W2K since the windows file is compatible, ONLY database file. For Oracle software you need to do the installation. Then you can do the upgrade from 806 to 80631. No need to export/import

Reply 2:

Take advantage of SAP's Migration Suite. It's included in your maintenence/license fee and costs no extra.

I would also double-check things with SAP as you are migrating from one operating system to another. I believe that to retain the full support of SAP it is compulsory to employ a migration consultant when doing this.
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