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Back up your printing in SAP

Use this easy tip to back up printers on your OS and SAP system.

This is a quick and effective method to back up printers on your OS and SAP system if you have many printers configured in SAP. Please note: This is for MICROSOFT-BASED SYSTEMS ONLY.

First you will need the file printmig.exe, which you can download from

You can use this program to back up existing printers on your print server, and the the file is outputted as an XXX.CAB file. You can use this CAB file to restore to another server with the same OS level.

Next, you can export the printer configuration from SAP to an XXX.txt file Transaction SPAD ->Edit ->transfer ->export

Once you have the file you can edit the XXX.txt file by changing the {PAMSSERVER = "Spool server"} and {PAPROSNAME = "Host printer"} to the new print server name.

I would recommend you make copies of these files and store them on a different location every time there are changes done to the printers. In case of a disaster on your print server, you can upload the XXX.CAB file into another server of the SAME O.S Level and use the EDITED XXX.txt file to import back into SAP. You should have your SAP system printing within minutes.

I recommend you test this method on your development server first.

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