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Area Menu instead of SAP Standard menu

This is a quick way for users to concentrate on a particular area of functionality.

This is a quick way to escape from stumbling in the maze of SAP Standard menu for users concentrating on a particular...

area of functionality. All you need is just search for appropriate Area Menu at SE43 (around 820 menus in R/3 46B) and type the menu code in transaction entry field from the root level of Easy Access. For instance: SDW0 - ABAP Workbench ME00 - Purchasing FGM0 - Special Purpose Ledger PS00 - Project System STUN - Performance Monitoring ... It is possible to make any Area Menu permanent for user by writing menu code in the user master data under Defaults->StartMenu. Furthermore, you can create your own Area Menus to fulfill specific needs.

This was last published in March 2002

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