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Announcing the new MiniSAP 6.20

With the introduction of SAP MiniBasis, all of us diehard SAP developers could finally build and test code from a local SAP instance.

With the introduction of SAP MiniBasis, all of us diehard SAP developers could finally build and test code from...

a local SAP instance. This gave us yet another excuse to "geek-out" on the weekends, spending hours and hours in front of a CRT bathed in the glory of SAP GUI, at home! Actually, I wish that the MiniBasis has been available a lot sooner, and I sometimes envy newer ABAP initiates for this unprecendented access to the Development Workbench.

Continuing this grand tradition, SAP has finally released a MiniSAP version based on the GA release of the Web Application Server 6.20. This three-disc set can be ordered directly from for a measly 25 euros. The amazing things is that, with no additional shipping charges, SAP AG got the discs to me within three business days, via DHL express! Kudos to SAP for such a timely response to their developers' needs.

I am currently in the process of cutting over from my MiniSAP 6.10 instance to the new 6.20. The good news is that you can enable the transport system in MiniSAP 6.10 with a little extra effort. The bad news is that MiniSAP 6.10 and 6.20 don't really want to co-exist on the same Windows box. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that, unlike previous MiniSAP releases, the 6.20 release does not run on Linux. So with those caveats in mind, check out this latest and greatest release. Also, be sure to email me with any questions/tips you might have on MiniSAP 6.20. Maybe we can get some answers or at least help someone else out in the process.

Check back on the SearchSAP developers forum for my experiences. I will keep you posted, and hopefully have some insight to make your lives (at least with MiniSAP 6.20) just a little easier.

Author Austin Sincock is a freelance Java/SAP consultant who contributes regularly to Web and print journals. He can be reached at Check out his book Enterprise Java for SAP

This was last published in October 2003

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