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Adding SAP icons to your technical document

This tip will help in making procedural and other technical documents more presentable & professional.

Tip: This tip will help in making procedural and other technical documents more presentable & professional. The...

trick is in using the same icons that SAP uses in its on-line documentation. I will explain this by an example where I document the steps in making an "import all" of transports in the buffer.

  1. Go to SAP documentation (within SAP - Help -> SAP Library)
  2. Then follow the link - Basis Components -> Change and Transport system -> Transport Management System
  3. Finally in the new window Transport Management System -> Performing transports -> Importing requests -> Starting the Import all Requests.
  4. You can use the whole text as the basis for your documentation but if you copy and paste you will realize the icons will not be visible.
  5. For this you have to individually right-click on each icon (for ex. On the "truck" in step 2 under Procedure). Then select "Copy".
  6. Now open Windows Paint software by clicking Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Paint.
  7. Click Edit -> Paste and then immediately Edit -> Copy. This changes the attributes of the image and now when you paste it to Word you will be able to see the icon.

Have you ever tried to paste an entire screen using the key "PrtScn" on the keyboard. Some times you don't need to copy the whole Computer screen but just the top SAP screen that you are working on. To be able to do this use two keys "Alt" & "PrtScn" together and then just paste it in Word.

Also available for download is the software "Snagit" from This is an all purpose tool which will capture parts of the screen for your documentation.

This was last published in March 2002

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