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Access to SE16 in production

If you must give direct access to tables in production, heed this advice.

If you must give direct access to tables in production, consider using SM30 or SM31 when a user must have direct access to tables. It is more secure because a maintenance interface must exist for the table in order to view the table in SM30 or SM31. You cannot look at ANY table.

Or you can create a custom transaction that goes into SE16 and then into the table. How to create a custom transaction for SE16:

SE93 > enter custom transaction name > Create > Description in short text field > select transaction with parameters > enter text of your choice in the Transaction text field > enter SE16 in the transaction field > select skip initial screen > save your new transaction code. >Local object> now in lower part of screen you will see default values name of screen field value select the name of screen field. Press F4 and choose DATABROWSE-TABLENAME, and enter the name of the table in the value field you are giving access to.
Save > local object

Now test it by entering in the transaction code. It should skip past SE16 and give the same access to the table as though the user had used SE16.

You could use this method if protection through S_TABU_DIS and the authorization group was not a good solution for you.

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