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ABAP/Basis Important Transaction Codes

Attached are the most daily used transactions in SAP by ABAP developer and BASIS team.

Attached is a list of the most used daily transactions in SAP for ABAP developers and BASIS teams.
CMOD	 For using SAP enhancements
OSS1	 SAP Online Service System
OY19	 Comparisons
S001	 ABAP/4 Development Workbench
S002	 System Administration
SA38	 Execute a program.
SCAT	 Computer Aided Test Tool
SCU0	 Compare Tables
SE01	 Transport & Corrections screen - Old version
SE09	 Workbench Organizer
SE10	 Customizing Organizer
SE11	 Data Dictionary Maintenance 
SE12	 Data Dictionary Display 
SE13	 ABAP/4 Dictionary - Technical Settings 
SE14	 ABAP/4 Dictionary: Database Utility.
SE15	 ABAP/4 Repository Information System.
SE16	 Data Browser.
SE17	 General Table Display
SE30	 ABAP/4 Runtime Analysis
SE32	 ABAP/4 Text Element Maintenance
SE35	 ABAP/4 Dialog Modules Maintenance
SE36	 ABAP/4: Logical Databases
SE37	 ABAP/4 Function Modules
SE38	 ABAP Editor
SE39	 Program Comparison
SE41	 Menu Painter
SE43	 Area Menu editor
SE51	 Screen Painter: Initial Screen. 
SE54	 Generate Table/View Maintenance Module
SE61	 Document maintenance - initial screen
SE63	 Translation
SE64	 Terminology
SE65	 short text statistics 
SE71	 SAPscript - form painter
SE72	 SAPscript - styles
SE73	 SAPscript font maintenance. 
SE74	 SAPscript format conversion
SE75	 SAPscript Settings
SE76	 SAPscript Form Translation
SE77	 SAPscript Style Conversion
SE80	 Repository browser
SE81	 SAP Application Hierarchy (Business Application Components)
SE82	 Customer Application Hierarchy
SE84	 ABAP/4 Repository Information System
SE85	 ABAP/4 Dictionary Information System
SE86	 ABAP/4 Repository Information System - Programming
SE87	 Data Modeler Information System
SE88	 Development Coordination Info System
SE91	 Maintain Message Classes and Messages
SE92	 Maintain system log messages
SE93	 Maintain Transaction Codes
SEU	 Repository Object Browser
SHD0	 Transaction variant maintenance
SM04	 Overview of Users 
SM12	 Table lock entries 
SM21	 System log for viewing dumps
SM30	 Maintain Table Views
SM31	 Table Maintenance
SM32	 Table maintenance
SM35	 Batch Input - Initial screen
SM36	 Define background jobs
SM37	 View background jobs
SM50	 Process Overview
SM51	 Display system servers, processes, etc.
SM62	 Display/Maintain events in SAP 
SMOD	 List SAP enhancements to use in CMOD
SNRO	 Number range object maintenance. 
SQ00	 ABAP/4 Query - Query Initial screen
SQ02	 ABAP/4 Query - Functional areas initial screen
SQ03	 ABAP/4 Query - Maintain User Groups initial screen
SQ07	 ABAP/4 Query: Language Comparison for query objects
ST05	 Trace SQL Database Requests
SU53	 Display Authorization Values for User

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