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A new way to debug the SAP script

Do you ever find yourself working on transaction codes that have multiple output forms and need to make changes to multiple forms simultaneously? Try these suggestions.

One way to start the script debugger is:

Se71->utilities->activate debugger.

This may be a time-consuming process. Instead, open a session and execute the program RSTXDBUG. Even if you follow the above menu path to activate the script, it will internally execute the program RSTXDBUG. So you are saving some time in going through all of the above processes.

Another advantage of using this program: when a developer works in the support environment and the client requests to makes some changes to a form, but doesn't know which form, he can just show the form output and request for changes.

Example: Transaction Code HRBEN0001. This contains a confirmation form, benefits form and others.

In this scenario, just open the other session and run the program RSTXDBUG program, click a push button on the transaction code and if a form is associated with that button it is automatically opened in debug mode. Once the form is in debug mode you can find the form name then open one more session and make the changes to the form while debugging it.

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