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4.6 C IDES installation procedure

This tip presents the 4.6 C IDES installation procedure.

Below is the 4.6 C IDES installation procedure.
On Drive C:

1. Install Win2k server on
2. Install all drivers
3. Install IE6 SP1
4. Install Win2k SP4
5. Restart Computer

1. Modify network settings to use IP addr, add IPX, add NetBIOS
2. Increase Virtual Memory
3. Optimize file cashed for network apps
5. Create User - C11adm; Assign administrator privileges
6. Restart
7. Update DLL's from Kernal CD
8. Login as c11adm and continue installation

On Drive C:

1. Install oracle server+when listener config window pops up choose "typical config"
2. Stop all oracle services
3. Install oracle hot fix for server – Manually copy folders see readme.txt after extracting sap81701srv.exe
4. Give all users access to ora_dba
5. Restart, login as c11adm and continue installation.

1. Install R3SETUP tool
2. Click R3SETUP.BAT on kernel CD (CD Drive:NTCommonR3setup.bat)
3. Install everything on drive E
4. logoff as per R3SETUP
5. logon as c11adm

1. Install Central Instance
2. Start>Programs>SAP system setup – install central instance
3. System name: C11
4. Instance: 00
5. domain:
6. transport host: SAPTRANSHOST
7. DB sys name: C11
8. DB inst host: srv1
9. Dir for SAP system: E:
10. Defaults for remaining entries
11. Location of kernel D:
12. Password 2X
13. Password 2X
14. SAP System Management Console will show up on desktop
15. Restart computer; login as c11adm.

1. Insert IDES CD1, copy D:IDESNTORADB_IDES.R3S to E:Usersc11admInstall.
2. Start>Programs>SAP System>Command file editor
3. Load DB_IDES.R3S, click install.
4. At 89% they will request a password for 'sapr3' pass word is 'sap'
5. At 94% you may need to start SAP in you SAPMMC then start the install up again
6. Import DOKCLUTX.EXT into database per IDES installation manual.

1. Once installation is complete upload SAP service packs
2. configure transports transaction ostms
3. Apply the latest SPAM/SAINT update
4. Apply service packs using transaction SPAM

Configure Transport Management System

Login as User DDIC
Password 19920706
click on button transport routes (shift + F7)

Under Configuration status
Click on C11 (it is yellow)
Click on green check to activate it.

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