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Special Report: SAP's on-demand strategy

In this special report, learn about SAP's on-demand strategy, including what's in store for large companies and smaller companies with SAP Business ByDesign.

 As SAP's new co-CEOs Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe continue to provide clarity on the vendor's product strategy moving forward, they have been careful not to leave SAP's on-demand strategy off the list. In fact, development and delivery of on-demand software is a big focus for SAP in 2010, as the vendor has cited the cloud as a major way it thinks customers will innovate moving forward.

SAP aims to deliver a hybrid approach to the cloud for larger customers -- providing on-demand, line-of-business applications to complement on-premise deployments of the Business Suite. It's hoping SMBs will look to Business ByDesign -- the notoriously beleaguered SaaS suite for companies between 100 and 500 employees. SAP plans to have the product generally available by July.

In this special report, learn more about SAP's on-demand strategy, including how on-demand and in-memory computing are priorities for SAP in 2010, and why SAP is trying to provide the best of both worlds when it comes to on-premise vs. on-demand BI deployments. Also learn more about why end-to-end process concerns and profitability questions have held up the release of SAP Business ByDesign, and how beta users and analysts think the product is improving.

Deciding whether SaaS is a good decision in an SAP shop

  • Users think SAP’s slow on SaaS, but they want it, survey reveals 
    An SAP U.K. & Ireland User Group survey reveals that SAP customers want SaaS and are willing to wait to buy it from SAP -- but not for long.

  • TCO of SaaS: Is on-premise software a better deal over the long run?
    SaaS may not necessarily be cheaper than on-premise software over the long term, but experts say that ease of use outweighs long-term SaaS TCO concerns for many. Read more to get examples of companies that use both on-demand and SAP on-premise software, and learn the benefits and disadvantages of SaaS.


  • SaaS scores lower than on-premise in business benefits
    When it comes to timing and costs, traditional on-premise ERP implementations are taking a back seat to SaaS. But while SaaS may seem like an ideal alternative to on-premise, the road ahead isn't free of potholes.


  • NetSuite gets German certification for SaaS ERP, takes jab at SAP
    In an effort to position itself as an SAP competitor, NetSuite's touted meeting tough compliance standards for SaaS ERP on SAP's home turf.


  • NetSuite targets SAP R/3 customers with discounted SaaS ERP offer
    Trying to capitalize on anger over SAP support fee hikes, NetSuite offered SAP R/3 customers a guarantee to cut maintenance and support bills in half.


  • Video: Ray Wang on SAP's cloud strategy, SaaS options
    SAP recently outlined its plans for on-demand software, which includes a major rollout of Business ByDesign. In this video, Ray Wang, partner at Altimeter Group, gives his take on SAP's cloud plans and offers some advice for prospective buyers.

What's in store for SAP on-demand software for large companies?


SAP Business ByDesign: SAP's on-demand strategy for SMBs


  • Sapphire: Users like SAP's push on mobile, on-demand and in-memory, but aren't ready
    SAP reiterated at Sapphire its focus on delivering its software on-premise, on-demand and on mobile devices, and even made Business ByDesign generally available, two years after the on-demand suite for small to medium-sized enterprises was debuted with much fanfare and subsequently pulled back off the market. A new version of Business ByDesign, version 2.5, will be available in July.


  • Is Business ByDesign the future of SaaS CRM at SAP?
    SAP confirmed predictions at Sapphire when it said the next version of SAP Business ByDesign will include a multi-tenancy option, real-time analytics, support for mobile devices, a better UI and a development environment for partners. The product also appears to be core to the new SaaS CRM strategy.


  • SAP Business ByDesign product demo
    Interested in SAP Business ByDesign? SAP's Rainer Zinow recently showed the SaaS-based ERP system's capabilities with a short demo of the long-awaited product.


  • SAP: Business ByDesign needs more work in process execution, profitability
    SAP claimed its on-demand ERP product -- Business ByDesign -- was available, but find out why end-to-end process concerns and profitability questions are holding up its release.


  • SAP announces Google, BusinessWire mashups for Business ByDesign
    Google, BusinessWire and MapQuest mashups will be available for the few dozen users SAP has released Business ByDesign to.


  • SAP upgrades SAP Business ByDesign, integrates Xcelsius, Crystal Reports
    SAP won over some new customers with a recent upgrade to SAP Business ByDesign. Learn about the most recent upgrade, Feature Pack 2, for SAP's SaaS ERP, and why it gained favor from companies like ResearchPoint.


  • SAP delays on-demand ERP
    In early 2008, SAP scaled back development of Business ByDesign, postponing its targets 12 to 18 months. Find out what the delay meant for customers awaiting its release.


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