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Special Report: SAP GRC software

With compliance requirements constantly in flux, more SAP shops are looking to implement SAP GRC software. Learn about getting started with a GRC strategy and GRC software best practices.

Last month, a group of SAP governance, risk and compliance (GRC) customers engaged in a roundtable discussion regarding their early experiences with the software. All of the customers present at the event said they decided to implement SAP GRC software to ensure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley. That changed, however, when they realized that the software made certain compliance-related tasks, such as ensuring segregation of duties, a little bit easier, giving them motivation to rollout additional modules.

Because GRC covers such a broad area of topics that relate to compliance, companies looking to revamp their SAP GRC strategies should look at the three major types of GRC: financial GRC, IT GRC and operational GRC. Doing so can help organizations define what areas they need to focus on when facing shifting compliance regulations, and also help them determine whether they even need SAP GRC software in the first place.

In this special report, get best practices for implementing SAP GRC software and learn how to optimize your GRC strategy by using data governance. Learn how SAP has worked with partners like Novell to solve some of the biggest GRC-related challenges, and get tips on how to use SAP Access Control and Process Control -- SAP's primary GRC solutions that are bundled as part of SAP BusinessObjects.

Building a business case for SAP GRC software


Best practices in implementing SAP GRC software


  • Early SAP GRC customers discuss their experiences
    While it's unclear exactly what the federal U.S. government's latest plans are for banks, healthcare and the environment, one thing is certain: more regulation is on the way. As such, it's not surprising that SAP has been pushing its GRC software, most recently in a roundtable discussion on how customers are using the software.


  • Optimizing your SAP GRC strategy with data governance
    Data governance is nearly as expansive and confusing as governance, risk and compliance (GRC). And like GRC, it comes in overlapping categories with terms that are poorly defined. Learn how to rebuild and optimize SAP GRC with data governance, and learn about how SAP's primary GRC solutions are bundled as part of SAP BusinessObjects.


  • SAP and Novell team up to integrate GRC software with IT infrastructure
    SAP and Novell's joint GRC technology offering solves some major GRC automation challenges, according to spokespeople from SAP TechEd 2009. Find out how SAP and Novell's integrated GRC technology product works, and learn more about the benefits of using integrated SAP GRC technology.


  • New SAP process control and risk management apps ease GRC integration
    New versions of process control and risk management software from SAP include embedded business intelligence (BI) software and ease integration with other business apps.

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