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SAP SCM software and RFID FAQs and trends

This special feature compiles new and archived content on the increasingly important topic of supply chain management (SCM) in SAP.

For many companies, an efficient supply chain is oxygen. Without it, the business simply cannot survive. This Special Report provides SAP SCM news, case studies and tips about this core SAP product. 



  SCM news and analysis  


  • Podcast: RFID and SAP trends: RFID technology continues to become more mainstream. In this podcast, AeroScout's Josh Slobin discusses RFID and what SAP users should look for.
  • SAP RFID Learning Guide: Questions about SAP and RFID? Look no further. This Learning Guide is a compilation of information from across the Web explaining what RFID is, how it works with SAP, and how the SAP RFID package enhances Supply Chain Management.
  • RFID boost for SAP SCM: The latest version of SAP SCM software includes support for RFID and real-time response replenishment, a feature allowing retailers to respond quickly to customer requests.
  • What is RFID?: What is RFID, and is it right for my company? This guide explains the basics of RFID, what SAP is doing with RFID in its products, and how you can build a business case for RFID.


   Expert answers and tips  
  • How does SCM fit into the SAP SRM module?: Wondering how SCM relates to SRM in SAP? Learn the difference in this expert Q&A with SAP SRM expert Sachin Sethi.
  • SAP APO explained: SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO) is one area of SCM that doesn't always get the attention it deserves. This crash course will help you get up to speed on this dynamic tool.
  • Hottest SAP areas for would-be consultants: An SAP super-user inquires about the hottest areas to try to break into SAP consulting. Jon Reed offers some insight.
  • Certification to perform BW, SCM migration: If you're certified for OS/DB migration, are you allowed to perform an OS/DB migration for BW and/or SCM? Yes, you are.
  • What is the ICH?: What is the Inventory Collaboration Hub (ICH)? And what's its relationship within the SAP SRM and SAP SCM realm? SRM and SEM expert Sachin Sethi explains.


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