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SAP NetWeaver: Special Report

Despite SAP's NetWeaver push, some companies are still holding back on taking the upgrade plunge. This Special Report looks at important NetWeaver topics like making use of SOA and what it means for SAP jobs.

An Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG) study released at Sapphire indicated that almost 60% of SAP customers were planning to make NetWeaver their "strategic platform" in 2008, and the company now has more than 13,000 live NetWeaver installations. Issues such as cost, the man-hours required for the upgrade process, and getting end users to take advantage of the technology are holding some companies back. Nevertheless, NetWeaver and NetWeaver upgrades continue to be important topics among SAP customers. This Special Report provides news, analysis and expert advice to help users navigate their NetWeaver decisions.

  SAP NetWeaver news and analysis  

  SAP acquisitions  

  • The battle of the acquisition strategies: SAP goes small, hoping to strike it big: SAP is upping the ante in its competition with Oracle, this time on the M&A front, and the last three deals highlight an important difference between SAP and its chief rival. A look at these acquisitions reveals some interesting nuances about SAP's thinking regarding M&A and NetWeaver.
  • SAP acquires Maxware, Wicom Communications: SAP will acquire European companies Wicom Communications and Maxware and fill in NetWeaver's contact center functionality.
  • SAP acquires OutlookSoft for performance management: SAP announced Tuesday that it will acquire performance management software vendor OutlookSoft.
  • SAP Acquisitions: Special Report: SAP's "tuck-in" acquisition strategy, where it makes targeted purchases to fill "holes" in NetWeaver, doesn't generate the same type of buzz as Oracle's big moves, but SAP has been an active buyer in its own right. This page features news and commentary on SAP's recent purchases, as well as the effects of Oracle's moves on SAP customers.

  Podcasts and blogs  

  • SAP jobs present and future podcast, with David Foote : The SAP jobs market is hot, with some SAP skills paying more than the general market. This podcast with David Foote looks at the present and future of the SAP jobs market, including where NetWeaver fits in.
  • MySAP ERP upgrade advice with ASUG's Matt Rickard: According to SAP, Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG) and others, this year will see an increase in the number of customers upgrading to mySAP ERP. In this podcast, Matt Rickard, ASUG's director of groups and chapters and a member of its board, discusses some common upgrade questions.
  • Podcast: ESA and SOA trends with author Scott Campbell: Scott Campbell, co-author of the new book Mastering Enterprise SOA with SAP NetWeaver and mySAP ERP, discusses common issues with SOA deployments, best practices, and advice for SOA projects and how SAP professionals can best progress from the R/3 environment to NetWeaver.
  • More on SAP jobs, ESA ecosystem: Scott Campbell answers some follow-up questions on SAP jobs, NetWeaver and SOA.
  • SAP's Enterprise SOA in perspective: NetWeaver 7.1 is a major milestone for SAP that packs plenty of juice, with a full Enterprise Services Repository that enables users to dig into ES composite use and creation, as well as laying the groundwork for SAP's business process initiative.

   Expert answers and tips  

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