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9. Workflows in SRM

Learn the response to the ninth question in's exclusive SRM quiz.

9. Which of the following is true concerning the workflows in SRM?

a) There is only one workflow template provided by SAP for the shopping cart workflow. All others need to be customized based on the project.
b) The approval preview allows the end user to visualize all required approvals in a graphical and tabular format.
c) As an alternative to the workflows supplied in the standard system, you can use the SLAPPROVER workflow to ensure more flexible assignment of users. This is a one-step approval workflow.
d) "Ad-hoc" approval functionality provides the ability to dynamically insert approvers or reviewers within the approval chain for a document.


The following standard workflow templates are available for the shopping cart process in SRM:

• One-step hierarchy approval
• Two-step hierarchy approval
• Single step approval with limit
• One-step approval over limit
• User-defined budgets approval
• Buyer completion workflow

SAP provides multiple workflow templates for the shopping cart. One of the workflows is "Single Step Approval Over limit", where the requisitioners are assigned spending limits, approvers are assigned approval limits. Spending limit approvers are assigned via the attribute in the org structure "SLAPPROVER" instead of depending on the hierarchy of orgs, positions and users. Based on the shopping cart value, the approver with the ultimate approval value is determined.

In the SRM shopping cart, approval preview provides a user with an approval flow simulation. The user can be aware of the approval chain, and if required, add approvers in addition to the ones determined by the system.

The process of adding additional approvers on the fly is "Ad-Hoc approval" functionality. In the approval preview, employees can specify a different approver for a shopping cart or other document at runtime. This might be necessary, if, for example, a manager is temporarily absent and has not specified a substitute for shopping cart approval.

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