9. Why did SAP create a Java engine parallel to the ABAP engine?

Looking for the response to the ninth question in SearchSAP.com's exclusive XI quiz? Read the answer here and more detailed information about the SAP and Java development.

9. Why did SAP create a Java engine parallel to the ABAP engine?

a) Java is more stable and reliable
b) Java is a public standard in universities
c) Java language is much more powerful than ABAP
d) The SAP Java engine will attract the Java developer to use SAP in parallel to the ABAP engine.


SAP AG gave tribute to a trend in science and markets in direction of Java. Although the Java hype is dying down, it can still be said that Java is an established programming standard adopted by a large number of developing companies and developers. Java is in strong competition with other development concepts such as ABAP, Microsoft. NET or Borland Delphi. SAP tries to tout the output by Java developers at universities where Java is the common working programming language. Whether Java is more powerful than ABAP is highly debatable -- reliability and stability does not depend on the Java language itself but rather on the implementation of the related Java runtime.

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This was last published in September 2005

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