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8. Plan Driven Procurement in SRM

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8. What statement(s) is/are correct regarding Plan Driven Procurement in SRM?

a) It is one of the business scenarios in SRM.
b) It only supports the sourcing or procurement of requirements generated in APO.
c) The requirements created in the back-end system can be transferred to EBP where a shopping cart is created, and can then utilize the workflow start conditions rules to get approval(s).
d) The report BBP_EXTREQ_TRANSFER is utilized in the SAP backend to transfer the relevant requisitions to EBP.


The Plan Driven Procurement Scenario supports the sourcing and procurement of requirements from external planning systems within EBP. The requirements coming from an SAP back-end system could result from an MRP run, or a PM or PS document or could be created manually. In addition, requirements from APO can be transferred into EBP. Once the requirements are transferred, if the data is complete and unique, purchase order(s) can be created automatically in EBP. If data is missing, the professional purchaser has to complete the missing information in sourcing or via process purchase orders.

If customizing is set up for sourcing, the requirements appear in the sourcing transaction; technically an interim shopping cart (BUS2121 object) is created but this is not relevant for any approval(s).

Requirements from an SAP back end are replicated via RFC into the EBP. The report BBP_EXTREQ_TRANSFER can either be executed manually or scheduled in the background to transfer these requirements into EBP.

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