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8. ODS request deletion

Learn the response to the eighth question in's exclusive BI/BW -- beginner-level quiz.

8. The following statements are true regarding the ODS request deletion.

a. It is not possible to delete a request from ODS after the request has been activated.
b. Deleting an (inactive) request will delete all requests that have been loaded into the ODS after this request was loaded.
c. Deleting an active request will delete the request from the change log table.
d. None of the above.


It is possible to delete requests from an ODS, even if the request has been activated. The "before and after image" of the data will be stored in the change log table using which the request will be deleted.

Deleting a request which has not been activated in ODS will not delete the requests which are loaded after this request. But if the request has been activated then the loaded and activated requests later will get deleted. Also the change log entries will be deleted for that request.

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